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Some things you become only through living them. Like being a mom.

Some things you become because you have to. Like being a widow or an orphan.

Knowing these things are coming doesn’t really prepare us for them either. No amount of waiting can.

Some things we never would become if we waited until we were truly ready for them. Like being a wife.

Only in living out the role do we become it. Taking on the name only starts the process.

Paul would not have said he was ready to become God’s main man. Peter thought he was ready but wasn’t. And David fully submitted to the process of moving from shepherd to warrior to King, all the while pursuing God’s heart.

Sometimes waiting means it will never happen. We say we’re waiting or biding our time, but we’re really avoiding.

And sometimes, we don’t get to wait. It seems to just happen. It’s at those moments when we suddenly want to wait, though the rest of the time we resist times of waiting.

We’re not so good at waiting, at figuring out if and when and how long to wait, are we? We say God’s timing is perfect, but we struggle letting it play out in our lives.

In Fire of Delayed Answers, Bob Sorge says there are 3 temptations that derail our waiting on God.

  1. Demanding an immediate answer.
  2. Giving up.
  3. Just doing “something.”

All of these take our waiting out of God’s hands and puts it in our own. But we don’t really know when we’re ready. We often think we’re ready when we’re not. We sometimes don’t think we’re ready when we are. And we often need to wait out the years in the process of pursuing God’s heart.

Maybe that’s why there are so many Bible verses encouraging us to wait on God. Maybe while we’re waiting, we can read them and receive what God has for each one of us in times of waiting.


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This post was inspired by Chapter 6 of
The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing
by Jeff Goins.