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Let’s Get Ready to Rummage!

Interesting that rummaging involves both a thorough search and a haphazard search. It also carries with it a sense of thoroughness, completeness and discovery.

Most often, we associate “rummage” with the idea of going through our belongings, deciding what we don’t need/want anymore, and selling or somehow getting rid of them. With that, rummaging is most often connected with things.

Consider that rummaging can also involve a search of our lives — activities, thoughts, habits, etc.  — and determining what we need to dispose of in order to move forward in a less cluttered way. Rummaging, then, can involve both cleaning out our physical spaces as well as cleaning out the less tangible spaces in our lives.

This intangible rummaging involves purging unhealthy thoughts and emotions, not letting them run wild anymore. In means revamping our schedules, so they don’t constantly control us and run us down. Rummaging in these ways means assessing our habits for their value and healthfulness in our lives, getting ride of what doesn’t work and adding in what we need to make progress.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5)

The rummaging process, whether cleaning out our physical or mental spaces, usually happens in small steps that add up over time to make a huge difference. They happen best as we focus on progress over perfection.

As you spend some time in the next couple of weeks rummaging through your house to find items to donate to New Hope’s Annual Rummage Sale, consider doing some inner rummaging too. Not only will you move forward with a less-cluttered house but a less-cluttered mind too.


Saturday, March 10th

Donations accepted beginning March 7th.

In Tune With God

When you Know Your “Why,” you find more motivation for and success with goal setting. Yet, because we’re human, we don’t always nail exactly what we’re supposed to be doing to achieve our goals even if we know why we’re working toward them.

The key to keeping motivated by our “Why?” and to staying on track toward achieving our goals lies in our daily habits. More specifically, the regular activities that keep us in tune with God’s will.

God directs and speaks to us in many ways. Staying in tune with His voice involves purposefully and consistently listening for it. It means keeping the lines of communication open.

Here are some ways to keep communication flowing between you and God:

  1. Have an continuous dialogue. Talk to Him not just during designated prayer times but as you go through your day.
  2. Pay attention to road signs. They can be obvious, such as the people you encounter. Or, they can be more nebulous like an idea just not coming together like it should. The more you look for these signs, the more you’ll notice them as God’s directing you.
  3. Integrate His Word into your day. Post favorite scripture where you’ll see it regularly. Maybe just have a keyword to keep in your thoughts that reminds you of Him.
  4. “Listen” for the Holy Spirit. Call it a gut feeling or a prompting, the Holy Spirit uses our emotions, our dissatisfaction and even our motivations to direct our daily activity. Get in the habit of asking yourself why you feel a certain way and if it’s the Holy Spirit “speaking” to you.

Fulfilling your God-given purpose is a journey. It’s about increasingly discovering His will, then being obedient to what He desires of you in accomplishing it.

“Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and keep it.” (Luke 11:28)

Look at how God might be speaking to you not just during morning prayers or daily devotions but throughout the day too. As you do, you’ll likely find that your goals not only better line up with His will, but your motivations do as well.