One-On-One Ministry Kickoff

one_on_one_1With the 2015 One-On-One Ministry assignments all handed out, let’s call this the official kickoff for the year! We’re not going to have a party (sorry), but maybe you can use this as motivation to start the year off by contacting your partner in a special way.

To help in that effort, here are some suggestions for connecting with & praying for each other:

  1. Use technology. Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to pray for your One-on-One Ministry partner.
  2. Make a date. Take a minute right now to set up a coffee date with your One-on-One Ministry partner if schedules allow.
  3. Go old school. Send a card or hand-written note to let your One-on-One Ministry partner know you are thinking of and praying for her.
  4. Surprise! If schedules and locals allow, take your One-on-One Ministry partner a latte or a muffin.
  5. Go to church. Make a point to connect with your One-on-One Ministry partner on Sunday mornings and at Wednesday services too!
  6. Create a list. A prayer list is a great way to remember to pray for others. Keep one in your Bible to add to during services and personal Bible study.
  7. Read the bulletin. Quite often, your weekly church bulletin will have a reminder about our One-on-One Ministry.
  8. Start a conversation. Send your One-on-One Ministry partner a text or an email asking about her day or week.
  9. Take a picture. Consider placing your One-on-One Ministry partner’s picture in your Bible as a bookmark.
  10. Ask the Holy Spirit. As Pastor Steve has said a couple of times in recent sermons, the Holy Spirit is our best source of creative ideas!

DISCUSSION: Have any other suggestions? Share in the comment section below.

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