Learning Contentment

philippians 4 11 12

Contentment arrives through a process… the process of life. If we look at Paul’s life, we see he went through many trials, and that gives us a vital clue into learning contentment.

Trials teach contentment by showing us that not only can we make it through them, but we generally do so in ways we don’t expect and without the resources we think we need. We meet with the impossible, feel like we won’t survive, but eventually find ourselves on the other side of the trial.

The other side of a trial helps us see we can survive even when we don’t think we can. It helps us see what is truly important… and what really isn’t important. Trials ultimately teach us that what we thought we needed isn’t really what we need and that contentment lies beyond wants and needs.

Chip Ingram provides a clue into  arriving at contentment:

“Paul realized that contentment is an attitude we learn and not a thing we achieve.”

Contentment exists as an internal state and does not depend on external circumstances. When we focus on God- what He has done, is doing and promises to do – instead of on our circumstances, we develop the attitude of contentment. Paul said it this way:

Philippians 4 13

Focusing on Him in every situation – mountains or valleys – leads us to contentment regardless of our circumstances. Where does your focus lie today?

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