Summer is Almost Over?


How can summer almost be over? Didn’t it just start yesterday? Didn’t the kids just get out of school? How is it possible that the first day of school is only three weeks away?

Don’t know about you, but there is so much I wanted to do this summer that didn’t get done. I’m not ready for cold weather and especially not for wearing socks and long pants again. Time just feels so fleeting these days.

Yet, I find comfort in knowing that God created the seasons. He created the boundaries of nature. He created every time with a specific purpose. Knowing this, I look forward to the coming cold weather because I know He has great plans for that season of my life too.


Let me encourage you to enjoy the days of summer that are left. Enjoy every moment, every right now. Focus on relationships and connections. Let God’s agenda be your agenda. At the same time, be excited about the future plans He has in place for you. Be encouraged by the hope of His grace. Embrace right now, but also anticipate the joy that’s coming. God’s in that too!

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