Abiding for Others

The best thing we can do for others is to abide in Jesus.

“Extravagant daily time with Jesus — in His Word and in His presence through prayer — is the single most productive thing we can do. It is the most effective way to bless others.” (Dick Brogden, Live Dead Joy, January 23)

We can too easily become overwhelmed like Moses because of the demands of leadership and ministry (Exodus 18) or resentful like Martha with the demands of serving when Jesus visited her home (Luke 10:38-42). Fortunately, we can also become like them in our willingness to be teachable and learning to abide with the Lord.

Psalm 23 reminds us of the benefits of continually abiding with the Lord:

“He restores my soul.”

Restored souls come through abiding with Christ. They come through the “disciplined rhythm” of daily time dwelling with God. Restored souls don’t fall into sin or depression because they’ve made “extravagant daily time with Jesus” a priority.

A restored soul is productive for God, able to pour out as He has filled them up. No burning out. A restored soul depends on God and teaches others to do so through their attitudes, actions and words.

Are you a restored soul? If yes, rejoice! If not, how can you become one?

This post is adapted from the “Live Dead Joy” January 23rd devotion by Dick Brogden.

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