Focused Living

For thousands of years, farmers had to focus on a fixed point in the distance in order to plow a straight furrow. Looking backward meant getting off track. It meant crooked lines.  Today, most farmers use GPS to plow straight, but they still must operate the tractor.

What we focus on in the distance determines the overall path of our lives. Looking backwards too long or dwelling too much on what’s right in front of us can get us way off track. We so easily get distracted from His instructions.

Jesus talked about focused living in Luke 9:57-62, and it’s not the most comfortable of teachings for any of us. After all, he says we must be willing to give up comfort, prior commitments and family obligations in order to follow Him.

Jesus was not advocating for neglect of responsibilities, but he was speaking to the excuses we often make for delaying what we know He wants us to do. He’s reminding us that there is a cost to following him, and we must be ready to serve even if it requires sacrifice.

Ultimately, Jesus was speaking to our long-term focus. He was plowing through excuses and asking for total dedication, not half-hearted commitment. He was asking us to focus on Him and allow nothing to distract us from living how He desires.

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