Are You Growing in 2 Directions?

Are you growing in 2 directions? No, not physically. How is your spirit growing? Are your roots going deep down? Are you building a structure that reaches high?

Roots grow in solitude and quiet, something many people avoid. No one really sees roots much, yet they represent a source of strength. Consider Giant Redwoods. Their strong root systems allow them to survive the most extreme of conditions, from fires to horrific storms. Developing a strong root system can do the same for us.

While root systems remain largely unseen, buildings stand tall and visible. Our lives are the buildings that represent our confidence and strength (or lack thereof), whether rooted in man’s ways and philosophies or God’s truth. The appearance of a building can be deceiving, and the strength of a building lies with its roots (foundation). Yet, a building with strong roots can still be dilapidated and even get torn down. Both the root system and the building itself need consistent upgrading and maintenance in order to stand the test of time.

When we become deeply rooted in Christ, we aren’t easily carried away by the concepts and ideas of the world. When we know the truth of God’s word, we can identify and avoid the empty philosophies of man that may initially sound good and appear valid. Doing so allows us to have a strong root system that can withstand the storms of life as well as to be built up in a way that points others to Christ.

For further discussion & study: What does 2 John teach us about truth and following God’s Word, the Bible, as an essential step to Christian living?

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