Couch to 5k… Don’t Give Up!

For those ladies who are participating in our Couch to 5k run/walk program… don’t give up! You’re doing great!!

For those ladies who want to start exercising… it’s not to late! Decide to take that first step today.

For everyone… never forget that small changes made consistently over time add up to make a huge difference. Start making some small changes today and begin the journey.

Our 5k is scheduled for August 19th in Constantine. The cost is only $5! Doesn’t matter if you run the whole thing, walk/run it or walk it all… just decide to go out and do it.

Join our group (see Diane Borst for details) and take that first step this week. You’ll receive lots of encouragement and support. Hope to see you there!

Want more information and inspiration to help get you moving? Check out the sites below.

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