Know Your “Why?”

We are all pursuing worthwhile goals. Here’s a list of just some of the general goals I’ve heard Christian women list recently.

  • Consistent prayer and Bible study
  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve family situations
  • Be healthier
  • Improve my marriage

At a minimum, we just want to see progress. Progress encourages us when we see it, and we’re definitely frustrated in its absence.

As we work toward achieving our goals, though, we often focus on the “How?” and the “What?” How can I improve? What needs changed? We too often fail to focus on the “Why?” In other words, what motivates and drives you toward that improvement and change?

Your “Why?” serves as a compass for achieving your goals. It’s the source of motivation and focus. And as we all know, focus determines reality.

As a Christian, knowing your “Why?” begins with focusing on your identity in Christ. When we’re motivated by — focused on — how Christ sees us, we discover an unending and unchangeable source of encouragement.

Our identity in Christ creates a “Why?” that serves to fulfill God’s will through us. Isn’t that what we ultimately want our goals to accomplish? Isn’t that at the heart of why we seek to continually improve?

Secure in our identity in Christ, we can move forward with a focus on progress over perfection. We can stay consistently motivated by obedience to our Lord, knowing we are accepted, secure and significant no matter what happens — or doesn’t happen — with our goals.

When Jesus is the root of our “Why?” we find the motivation and self control needed to make progress with the goals that fit within His will being accomplished through us. And as always, remember that this progress usually happens in small steps, and those steps add up over time to make a huge difference.

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