The First Conversation of the Day

Eating a healthy breakfast helps you maintain and even lose weight by stimulating metabolism, which essentially helps burn more calories in a day. A good breakfast also helps you to take in all the healthy food you need to be strong.

Having breakfast can also stabilize blood sugar, which contributes to clearer thinking. In addition, a healthy breakfast gives your brain and body the necessary energy needed to carry out the many tasks in your day.

And if you don’t do it for yourself, realize that eating a healthy breakfast sets a great example for your kids. And we all want our kids to be healthy, right?

Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so too is the first conversation of the day. Making a conversation with God the first of your day will serve to kick start your day in a mighty and powerful way.

Our spirits are purified when we spend time alone with God, simply enjoying His presence and being close to Him. When we begin the day in conversation with God, we are more likely to carry that spiritually healthy habit into the rest of our day.

What are some ways to make sure the first conversation of your day is with God?

  1. Take a few minutes before crawling out of bed to talk with God. Of course, this only works if you can manage to stay awake.
  2. Slip out of bed and kneel on the floor. Just this change of position and the absence of warm blankets can wake you up enough to create a terrific few minutes of talking with God before starting the day.
  3. Pray in the shower. God is omnipresent, after all, and shower prayers give a good 5-10 minutes of prayer time.
  4. Kneel at the throne. Okay, this one sounds a little tacky if you think about it too much, but stick with me for a few seconds. Shut the bathroom door, and kneel on the floor in prayer for a few minutes. Might be the only way to get that few minutes of non-interrupted quiet time.
  5. Get up before everyone else. Coming from a non-morning person, let me testify that you can do this. It really does get easier over time.

Beginning the day with God gives us spiritual energy to live as a better example for Him throughout our day. It focuses our thoughts on Him, which helps us to base our daily priorities on His will for our lives.

And praying every morning also sets a great example for our kids. Even if they don’t see the private prayer time you have with God, your morning demeanor will be changed. They’ll likely notice that for sure. Take the example further by praying with your kids before they and you head out the door for the day.

Just like excuses for not eating a healthy breakfast every morning are a dime a dozen, so too are “reasons” for not starting the day with prayer. Choose to establish these priorities, and then watch the tremendous difference they will make in your life.

Got any other suggestions for making the first conversation of the day one with God?

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2 thoughts on “The First Conversation of the Day

  1. What a great reminder of how important morning prayer is. I love how you used the analogy of breakfast being the most important meal of the day. It fuels us to get us going throughout the day. Praying is just like eating. In order to keep our body going and fueled, we need to eat throughout the day…breakfast, small snack, lunch, small snack, supper and a bedtime snack. The same goes for prayer. Just like the Bible said, “morning, noon, and night.” Prayer, our communication to our Father, will fuel us and give us spiritual, mental, and emotional strength for the day.
    Thanks for a great post!

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