Time for a Status Check

We have all been equipped with unique gifts that God can use to allow us to bless others. There are no exceptions.

Consider the following list of what Karol Ladd in A Woman’s Secret for Confident Living: Becoming Who God Made You to Be calls Paul’s “Parting Ten.” Each sets an example of how our unique gifts can be used to serve Christ.

With whom do you identify the most? Use the questions listed with each individual to perform a personal status check.

  1. TychicusA Portrait of Loyalty & Faithfulness: Am I trustworthy? Do I use my words to build up, strengthen, and encourage others? Do I delight in good juicy stories, or do I delight in sharing God’s truth? Who can I trust as a loyal friend?
  2. OnesimusA Changed Life – Useless to Useful: Has Christ made a difference in my life? Have my old ways changed? Is there evidence of a transformed life? Am I looking to Christ to work powerfully in my life, or am I trying to change on my own power and strength? Do I see hope in others? Do I just look at them as who they used to be, or do I see who God can transform them to be?
  3. Aristarchus Willing to Do the Tough Stuff: How far am I willing to go for Christ? Will I take a stand for Him even when it’s unpopular? Am I willing to suffer persecution or ridicule because I follow Christ? Will I stand by others who take a stand for Him?  Where does my courage come from?
  4. Mark Overcame Rejection & Learned from His Mistakes: How do I handle rejection? Do I idolize acceptance and approval? Am I willing to turn to Christ and trust His plan for my life? Do I learn from my mistakes or only grow discouraged and bitter through them?
  5. Jesus Justus A Comforting Friend: What kind of friend am I? Do I bring healing and comfort through my words and actions? Or am I a constant drain on others by my complaining and whining? Do I have friends who bring refreshment to my soul? Am I trying to live independently of others, or do I encourage connection and comfort through friendships?
  6. Epaphras A Faithful & Devout Prayer Warrior: How devoted am I to the message of the gospel and to sharing it with others? How often do I struggle in prayer for another person? Do I have people in my life whom I consider devout and Christ-centered? Do I share my life and my prayer needs with them?
  7. LukeMultitalented Man of God: What gifts and talents has God given me? Am I open to how God wants to use those gifts for His glory? Who has God placed in my life as a gift to minister to my needs? Have I welcomed them in to my life? Have I thanked them? Are there any talents God is leading me to pursue? Am I willing to work hard using those gifts and talents?
  8. Demas A Sad Story: What things of the world distract me and tug at my heart? In what ways are they keeping me from pursuing Christ? Do I need to make any changes in my life? How can I make Christ the center of my life?
  9. Nympha Hostess with the Mostess: Do I have an open-door attitude when it comes to my home and things? Have I become lukewarm and lost my interest in the Lord? Am I being useful in His hands with what I have in my hands?
  10. Archippus Finish Strong: What has God called me to do? Have I grown weary of it? Do I need to heed Paul’s advice to finish strong? How can I be a cheerleader for others who may have grown weary?

(For more details on each of these individuals, read Chapter 11 in A Woman’s Secret for Confident Living: Becoming Who God Made You to Be by Karol Ladd.)

Hopefully, you were open and honest with yourself as you asked these questions. Now, write down one positive step you will take as a result of this self-evaluation.

DISCUSSION: If you feel comfortable, share the positive step that you wrote down in the comment section. If not, at least share it with someone who will help keep you accountable.

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