What’s Your Big “If”?

Anyone who spends any length of time with a child gets the pleasure of answering “What if…?” questions. Ever notice how these “What if…?” scenarios grow increasingly elaborate with age?

When we become adults, these “What if…?” questions turn from imaginative stories to concerns and worries, most of which never happen. We even turn these “What if…?” questions into statements that go beyond worry and concern.

“If I had a better body…”

“If my kids excelled in sports…”

“If I had new clothes…”

“If I had a boyfriend…”

“If I get a bigger house…”

“If I get a new car…”

“If I changed jobs or careers…”

These statements usually then end with some description of how life will improve and happiness increase should this change take place the way we want it to. Earthly pursuits such as the ones listed above are not necessarily wrong, but disappointment is certain if we base our security and happiness in obtaining them.

As adults, “What if…?” questions can easily distract us with worries and concerns that never come to fruition. “If…” statements seem to tie our identity and/or happiness into objects and events that can’t really secure our confidence.

Just like with the Israelites time and time again throughout the Old Testament, we so easily get distracted from the One who can truly secure our confidence. The only sure foundation on which we can place our hope for happiness, find our true identity, and secure our confidence is Christ.

“The Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.” (Proverbs 3:26)

This devotion ends our Summer Book Club study on Woman’s Secret for Confident Living. Next week, we will begin a series focusing on Experience Lasting Confidence, the topic featured at our Ladies Summer Gathering in early August.

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