Ladies Night Out

3-21-13 Authentic LoveOn April 12th, we will be having another Ladies Night Out for our New Hope Ladies Ministry. While many of the details (location, food, etc.) are still being worked out, the focus of Authentic Love has been decided. This focus will add increased depth to our 2013 theme of Love Revealed.

For a reminder of what the theme of Love Revealed involves, check out these two posts that essentially provide the notes from our last Ladies Night Out.

While we definitely enjoy a time of food, fun & fellowship at our Ladies Night Out, we also take the time to feed our spirits. The following “assignment” will help prepare you for the Bible study portion of the Ladies Night Out.

The Assignment

Read each of the Bible passages listed below. As you read each passage, consider this question: How does the passage illustrate authentic love?

We look forward to seeing you at our next Ladies Night Out on April 12th!

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