In Search of Perfection

The perfect pair of shoes. The perfect bag. Perfect hair. Perfect figure. No mistakes. Flawless.

Two big problems exist in the search for worldly perfection.

First, perfection is relative. My definition of a perfect anything differs from yours. Our personalities and preferences won’t match up 100% on what perfection looks like.

Second, the definition of perfection continually changes. Think about the changes of hairstyles throughout the years. What was considered stylish 50 years ago probably isn’t today. (Though, styles do seem to come back around, don’t they?)

Ultimately, the search for worldly perfection turns out to be a vain one.

But that doesn’t mean we should give up searching for perfection. We just need to carefully choose the object of our pursuit for that perfection.

3-28-13 perfect 1

Not only does God offer us the benefit of His perfection now, He implores us to fully immerse ourselves in the process of perfection.

3-28-13 perfect 2

So if you’re like me, and you often find yourself focused too much on pursuing impossible perfection, return to the One who IS PERFECT and who offers a pursuit of perfection that will one day be realized.

We will one day be perfect if our pursuit is focused on Him.

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