Transforming Love

Do you remember when you accepted Jesus as Savior and made Him Lord of your life? Some can answer with a resounding “Yes!” while others hesitantly say, “Not really” or “No.” Truthfully, though, it doesn’t matter.

Yes, your salvation matters. Yes, your story matters. But whether or not you remember the details doesn’t matter. Why? Because transformation took place either way. And either way, a testimony exists that will encourage others.

4-11-13 new creation 2

This verse doesn’t say you are only a new person if you remember the event and if it makes for an exciting story. It doesn’t say that having an interesting story disqualifies you in any way either. No, it says that anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. If you have an amazing story, share it. If you have always known Christ, share that.

His grace gave life to your story, whatever that story may be. And as you think about your unique story, consider the following verses and how they suggest we can cooperate with Jesus’ work of grace in our lives for the rest of our stories:

So, how do we cooperate with grace? Offer, work out, become, continue, participate, put off, be made, put on, give, pursue, keep on, understand, live, be filled and be confident.

Whether or not we do these things, grace exists. We just cooperate with it, or we don’t. And that determines the rest of our story.

2 thoughts on “Transforming Love

  1. Thanks Kari! I have been thinking a lot about my story. I am trying to sort through it as questions come to me through blogs and Bible reading and sign boards. Thanks for the reminder it is not about us, but about God. When we open our hearts He comes in, and when we ask Him to guide us and help us grow He does it in ways beyond our imagination. He is so AWESOME! Keep shining girl! We need you!

    • Yes, it is absolutely all about Him. He gets all the glory, and I am humbled that He chooses me as an avenue for that.

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