What gives God pleasure?

adoptedEver thought about what delights God? Specifically, what gives God pleasure? Ephesians 1:3-5 gives us specifics on God’s sources of enjoyment.

God finds pleasure in…

  1. Blessing us… with every spiritual blessing simply because we belong to Him.
  2. Loving us… even before He made the world.
  3. Choosing us… to be holy & without fault.
  4. Adopting us… through His unchanging plan.
  5. Bringing us… to Himself through Christ.

How can we respond?

Wow! We sure are the focus of God’s delight & pleasure. That gives us tremendous reason to feel special as well as assured of our value to Him.

If we truly grasp just a little of this, our response can only be one of praise. When we realize that He purchased our freedom, forgave our sins, showered us with kindness, wisdom and understanding and that doing so GAVE HIM PLEASURE, praise flows naturally.

How are you responding to God’s pleasure over you today?

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