Traveling Through the Psalms – Psalm 2

Between our studies focusing on our 2013 theme of Love Revealed, our continuing focus on A Wise Woman Builds, and our periodic devotional posts, we’re going to also travel through the Psalms. We’ll progress through at whatever pace the Spirit decides for however long He leads.

Please read Psalm 2.

2012_Psalm_2_8.jpg.w300h293Watch or read the news for just 15 minutes – probably less – and you get a solid picture of what verses 1 & 2 of Psalm 2 describe. Raging Nations. Futile plans.

Know that God sees this futility (v. 3-6). In fact, He considers it vile and worthless.

Parents know this frustration with futility, especially parents of teenagers. Teenagers at some point tend to flounder around, thinking they can figure life out on their own. Yes, frustration comes for parents whose child refuses to ask fro help.

God offers His help to us, His children. We need only ask (v. 7-9). We need not live in futility, walking around aimlessly.

We can make wise choices. The decision to do so means we (v. 10-12)… 

  1. Serve the Lord with fear – knowing that He is in control.
  2. Rejoice with trembling – knowing that He is our Heavenly Father.
  3. Submit to Christ’ rule – knowing He will direct and guide.

The result? Joy. Being safe in His protective embrace.

Let go of futility. Serve. Rejoice. Submit.

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