Traveling through the Psalms – Psalm 3

A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his son.

Can you imagine anything worse than having your own child as your enemy? I’m not talking mad at you or even estranged, as if that wouldn’t be bad enough. I’m talking having your child against you in battle wanting to kill you.

This is the place David writes from in Psalm 3. His son Absalom wants to kill him, so David flees for his life. He finds himself surrounded by seemingly insurmountable numbers. Doesn’t seem like the situation could be any worse.

What about your enemy trying to convince you that God won’t rescue you? It just got worse. That’s right, not only is David being pursued by his own son, Absalom is apparently trying to convince David that God won’t help him.

David had several choices for his response. He could have despaired as Absalom hoped. He could have simply given up and let Absalom have the victory. Please read Psalm 3 before proceeding, noting what David actually chose as his response to the situation.

Psalm 3

David chose to respond in the following ways:

  1. Looked to God for protection & encouragement (v3).
  2. Cried out to God (v4).
  3. Allowed God to sustain Him (v5).
  4. Refused to fear men (v6).
  5. Called on God for the victory (v7).

David knew God blessed His people (v8), those who remained faithful to Him. Knowing this put David in a place where he could respond in the way that he did even when being pursued to his enemy and even when his enemy was his own son. David’s reaction truly shows a heart after God.

No matter your situation or how impossible it seems. No matter your enemy, how strong or how numerous. God protects, encourages and sustains His people. Follow David’s example and look to God even in your despair and even when hope seems lost. Know that with God, there’s always hope.

RESPOND: How can you immediately follow David’s example in your current outlook?

2 thoughts on “Traveling through the Psalms – Psalm 3

  1. I am trusting God in the face of several issues. He is indeed faithful, loving, forgiving, patient, and my protector and provider. He is always working for my good, even when I don’t understand it. I can trust Him at all times. The challenge is to remember to keep my eyes on Him and not on the issues or those who seem to be the enemy.

    • Yeah, the challenge does seem to always be one of focus. It was for the Israelites in the Old Testament, and it is still for His people (of which we are included) today.

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