God’s Masterpiece, Part III

God's Masterpiece logo for blogWhile God’s Masterpiece Part 1 and Part 2 cover what we discussed in our Ladies Mini-Retreat a couple of weeks ago, looking at the topic from additional angles might help us gain even more insight. To help in doing that, below are links to four articles along with a copy of the text from an email newsletter that in some way connect with being God’s Masterpiece.

Here are the four posts:

Are You a Ball of Yarn or Part of the Blanket? at Wisdom of a Fool

How to Balance Strategy & Creativity to Move Your Ideas Forward by Ron Edmondson

The Art of Doing Small Things with Great Love by Michelle DeRusha

Use It or Lose It at Christian in the rough

Here’s the newsletter article:

Do you engage in negative self-talk?

If someone asked you to name 5 things you LOVE about yourself – and 5 challenges or things you need to improve upon, which list would be easier for you to come up with?

If your “negative” qualities come to mind more quickly, you’re not alone. Most of the women and men I work with have the same experience.

Now, let’s stop and think about this for a moment . . .

Why is it that we are so hard on ourselves? We know that no one is perfect.

And yet, we continue to hold ourselves to impossible standards. Then we criticize ourselves harshly when we fall short.

You may not say those criticisms out loud. But how often do you look in the mirror and think to yourself: “I look stunning today!” . . . versus: “Ugh, I need to drop a few pounds!”?

The fact is, negative self-talk is rampant. And it’s making us unhappy, insecure, unhealthy and overweight.

How? It’s simple.

When you engage in negative self-talk you’re essentially doing 2 things:

  1. Mentally punishing yourself
  2. Reinforcing those negative thoughts as your “reality”

You see, thoughts are powerful. When you think something over and over, your unconscious mind believes it. Then – whether you’re aware of it or not – your actions start to mirror those thoughts. So when you think, “I’m so fat,” you’re actually telling your unconscious mind to reinforce that reality. Not exactly the result you were hoping for, right?There are a lot of great methods out there for training yourself out of the habit of negative self-talk (yes, it is just a bad habit!), but for the sake of brevity I’ll just share one thought with you today . . .

Start to think of your “inner voice” as a GPS.

When you miss a turn, does your GPS say, “You’re such a moron! Why can’t you do anything right?!”I sure hope it doesn’t! (If it does, I would highly recommend throwing it out and investing in a new one.)More likely it says something along the lines of “At the next intersection, please make a legal U-turn” (in that pleasant tone and accent they always seem to have).What if your self-talk were equally pleasant? When you over-indulge in dessert after dinner, you might say to yourself, “That was delicious! And for dinner tomorrow, let’s order the salad.” When your clothes start to feel a bit tight, you might think, “Maybe it’s time to do a little detox to re-set my health and hormones so I can feel great and fit into my favorite jeans again!”

When you take this firmly loving, non-judgmental approach, I think you’ll be astonished at how much happier you feel – and how much easier it is to get the results you want in every area of life.

– Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

DISCUSSION: How do these additional angles help expand the application of you being God’s Masterpiece?

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