Traveling Through the Psalms – Psalm 8

I’ve stood at the top of several mountains. Colorado Rockies. Tennessee Smokies.


I’ve stood mesmerized by ocean waves on some pretty amazing beaches. Hawaii. California. South Carolina. St. Maarten.


God’s glory and majesty shows through when experiencing His amazing and awe-inspiring creation in nature. Yet God calls US His masterpieces. (Ephesians 2:10), not the wonders of nature.

In Psalm 8, David expresses awe over nature. And this awe leads to an even greater wonderment of why God puts us above all His other creation.

David then asks the questions everyone who believes in God – and many who don’t – ask:

Why humans? Why us? We’re only just lower than You. We have authority over all living creatures. You even “crown” us with “glory and honor.” Why?

David doesn’t really offer an answer in this Psalm, but Scripture is not silent on the topic.

John 3:16Romans 8:35-39Ephesians 3:18 (Just to name a few.)

So you tell me. What’s the answer?

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