There’s No Place Like Home

This post continues our discussion on The In-Between by Jeff Goins & focuses on Chapter 2.

Biblical Parable of the Prodigal SonThe title of this post likely brings The Wizard of Oz to mind, right? As well it should. Think about the movie, the main idea behind it, and ignore the impossibility, the fiction of it all. Dorothy wanted to be anywhere but home. But once she got a taste of being far away from home – or so she thought – and unable to get home, she realized what home actually meant. As with so many blessings in life, we don’t realize what we have until they are gone.

Soon after I graduated high school and moved on to college, my parents divorced and my childhood home was sold. I suddenly found myself without a home to go to. I quickly realized the value of home. Not until years later, when I got married and created my own home with my husband, was I able to gain that feeling of being home once again. Having “lost” my home, I truly realized the value of having one.

Why do we feel more settled when there’s a place to call home? Ever thought about that? Perhaps it’s because home holds the people we love most, the people who are always “there.” Those people may be the ones we hurt and who hurt us the most, but they are also the ones who define home for us and bring us the most joy in life. More specifically, as Jeff Goins says in The In-Between,

“Home is not necessarily a location but a feeling.”

As we enter this holiday season, take time to enjoy “home,” wherever that is. Maybe it’s at your parents or in-laws. Maybe it’s at your own home with family visiting. Maybe it’s all of those places. However you specifically define home, make a point to enjoy the moments spent there. Avoid spending too much time looking back or waiting for what’s next, and simply enjoy what’s right now.

Note: Our next discussion inspired by “The In-Between” by Jeff Goins will cover Chapter 3 and will be posted on December 19th.

2 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Kari, I needed this reminder that I should be looking at this moment and not what was or what I wish could be. Happy Thanksgiving.

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