Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving_main5minutesforfaith125-2All this month at 5 Minutes For Faith, contributors shared reasons for being thankful. So for today’s post, I’d like you to take some time to visit that site and read through the variety of reasons different people are thankful. Chances are good, you’ll come away more thankful yourself!

Also, please take a minute to list some reasons you are thankful in the comments below.

Thankfulness just feels good, doesn’t it?!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. God is so good. A week ago I wondered how I would survive Thanksgiving this year. My mom is dead, my sister in the final stages of life, my daughter had to work, and the grandchildren are with their father, so it was just the 2 of us and my hubby is not that big on turkey and all the trimming. I felt like bah hum bug!
    Then I decided to fix a small turkey for three of us, hubby, his mom, and me. Well one brother, his wife, who is recovering from an illness, and 2 sons enjoyed the meal with us. WE went from 3 to 8. The table groaned with food. We all shared what we were thankful for. We ate till I feel like I will burst.
    It was a special day in SO many ways. God showed His love in abundance, just like He always has.
    My list of gratitude is LONG. God Bless us every one.

    • I prayed for you to have unexpected blessing on Thanksgiving and for your loneliness to be eased in unexpected ways. God answered my prayer! I am so happy to hear you had such a nice Thanksgiving & especially that you recognize that it’s all from him. Your blessing blessed me!

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