One-on-One Ministry

good samaritanWho of us has not felt at some point in their life like the man in need of help in the story of The Good Samaritan, like they were stripped naked, beaten, and left for dead?

Life is hard and habitually unfair. We can be minding our own business one minute and beaten down and barely breathing the next, crumpled at the side of the road.

Doing good is not always convenient. But as Christians, we are called to this inconvenient love to “carry out each others burdens” and “in this way fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). We are not responsible to everyone but we are responsible to who God lays on our hearts.

When the good Samaritan saw the wounded man, he reacted with compassion and then moved into action. He did what he could to alleviate the man’s pain, even using his own resources.

Start By Just Being

Good friendWe can never underestimate what our involvement through our resources, emotional support and time can mean to someone in need. Initial compassion often quickly wears off, especially when inconvenient, but we can choose to follow the good Samaritan’s example of sticking around through the hard stuff like washing wounds and keeping vigil.

There will be times when a person’s needs are above what we can do for them. Sometimes, helping involves connecting people to needed resources. The Good Samaritan’s promise to stay engaged in the process shows that importance of this type of follow through.

Reach out in love. Slow down, listen and tune your heart to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Step forward rather than pull back.

The best way to show God’s love is to love the people who happen to be standing next to you. Understanding the needs of our friends can help us create an intentional, relational, and an effectively strong ministry to women. Start simply by being the kind of friend that you would like to have.

One-On-One Ministry

Keeping all this in mind, this year we are trying a new approach in our Women’s Ministry in place of Secret Sisters. Each lady will be paired with another woman for the year, and then asked to connect one-on-one with each other throughout the year.

Take the relationship as deep as the Spirit leads. You will be given the most basic of info about your friend (name, address, phone, e-mail, birth date, family information, and anniversary), but it is your job to “dig deeper” into the wants and needs of your ministry partner throughout the year.

At a minimum, commit to pray daily for your One-on-One partner. Strive to connect weekly, such as face-to-face at church. Other suggestions include meeting monthly or doing an act of kindness either for or with your partner. Look for ways to display your “love in action.”

Specific ideas for connecting include getting together for coffee, occasionally sending a card, gift or small token of appreciation, calling her on the phone to ask about her day, and texting or emailing periodically. You could also ask her to do something with you that you enjoy.

Let’s all purpose it in our hearts to be a blessing to one another this year, not in secret, but together, just like we are called to do by Christ.

See Diane Borst for your One-on-One Ministry assignment or to fill out an informational sheet if you have not already done so. You can also leave a comment below if you have questions.

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