Colleges & Departments

Dean: Royce W. Smith
Location: AS-115

The 艺术学院 provides an environment for individual creative and academic achievement in the areas of visual arts, 表演艺术, 电影的故事, and design. Curriculum and classroom experiences are strategically crafted to honor and acknowledge tradition, history, and the evolution of art and design forms while also encouraging unique, 奇异的声音, 打破常规, 创新的创造力. At the core of their mission is an appreciation of all cultures, art forms, and acknowledgement of their lasting value to the quality of life. The Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum and the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center are vital and important campus and community partners – allowing students, 更大的校园, and greater Long Beach communities access to world class experiences. The college is a regional resource for arts and cultural events, showcases, guest lectures, and accessible, 创新的艺术表现. 


  • 鲍勃音乐学院 
  • Dance 
  • Design 
  • 电影及电子艺术 
  • School of Art 
  • Theatre Arts 

Dean: Michael E. Solt 
Location: COB-200 

The 商学院 在近16所商学院中,有哪一所是711所,000 world-wide that are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. Faculty and staff are committed to excellence in education, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. The college’s continuous accreditation since 1972 remains a testimony to its team’s hard work and dedication. More notably, it offers the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration with eight options, 7名本科未成年人, 四个工商管理硕士项目, 4个理学硕士学位. 


  • Accountancy
  • Finance 
  • 人力资源管理 
  • 信息系统 
  • 国际业务 
  • 法律商业研究 
  • Management 
  • Marketing 
  • 供应链管理 

Dean: Anna Ortiz 
Location: EED-1 

The 教育学院 provides undergraduate and graduate studies in education. It offers specific curricula focusing on the preparation of personnel for teaching and educational service in the pre-school, elementary, 初中和高中, 社区学院, adult programs, 以及其他教育机构. In addition to three certificate programs and a variety of teaching and service credentials, the college offers a Bachelor of Arts in 自由研究, 有多种选择的教育学硕士学位, two Master of Science degrees in special education and counseling, 以及教育领导博士学位. 


  • 教育与咨询高级研究 
  • 教育领导 
  • 自由研究 
  • 教师教育 

Dean: Jinny Rhee 
Location: ECS-610  

The 工程学院 provides undergraduate and graduate studies in engineering 计算机科学. Its curricula covers a broad range of disciplines and provides applied, hands-on learning that prepares students for working in the field and continuing academic work. 横跨六个部门, 学院开设11个理学学士学位课程, 以及航空航天理学硕士学位, civil, computer, 机电工程, 施工管理, 计算机科学. The college also has a PhD program in Engineering and Computational Mathematics, 哪个是联合提供的 克莱蒙特研究生大学.  


  • 生物医学工程 
  • 化学工程 
  • 土木工程 & 施工管理 
  • 计算机工程 & 计算机科学  
  • 电气工程   
  • Mechanical & 航空航天工程 

Dean: 莫妮卡Lounsberry 
Location: ET-200  

The 卫生学院 & Human Services accounts for approximately 25% of the student enrollment of our nationally leading student-centered university. CHHS学位提供了一个质量, hands-on education that prepares students for careers upon graduation. Full-time undergraduate students can graduate within four years and graduate degrees can often be earned in two years or less. Our faculty are nationally and internationally renowned for research and come prepared from the world's most prestigious institutions including our own highly rated UCs as well as Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard. CHHS教师是充满激情的教育者, and their classes are designed to provide practical learning experiences. Most students complete field work and/or internships as part of their degree program. 在院长博士的领导下. 莫妮卡Lounsbery, CHHS is driving educational innovation to advance transformational learning through interdisciplinary collaborations and community partnerships. 


  • 家庭与消费者科学 
  • 医疗保健管理局 
  • Health Science 
  • Kinesiology 
  • 护理学院 
  • 物理治疗 
  • 公共政策与行政 
  • 康乐及康体研究 
  • School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management 
  • 护理学院 
  • 社会工作学院 
  • 语言语音病理学 

Dean: Deborah Thien 
Location: 文理管理学院

The 文理学院 CSULB是校内最大的学院吗, 拥有31个优秀院系和专业, 几个创新中心, projects, 超过685名优秀教师, 和超过74名个人工作人员. The college faculty are among the best in the nation and have received a variety of national and international awards. CLA has 9,300 undergraduate students pursuing a variety of highly valued degrees through the college’s 99 unique majors and minors. Additionally, 575 graduate students are also obtaining advanced degrees and special certificates in the college. With degrees ranging from humanities and foreign languages to social and behavioral sciences, CLA的毕业生是全面发展的公民, 有效的沟通者, 以及善于分析的人, responsibly, and humanely. The invaluable skills gained through CLA’s degrees open countless career paths for graduates to follow. 


  • 非洲研究 
  • 美国印第安人研究 
  • 美国研究 
  • Anthropology 
  • 亚洲和亚裔美国人研究 
  • ASLD 
  • Chicano & Latino Studies 
  • Classics 
  • 沟通研究 
  • 比较世界文学 
  • Economics 
  • English 
  • 环境科学与政策 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • 人类发展 
  • 国际研究 
  • Jewish Studies 
  • 新闻与公共关系 
  • 拉丁美洲研究 
  • Legal Studies 
  • Linguistics 
  • Philosophy 
  • 政治科学 
  • Psychology 
  • 宗教研究 
  • Romance, German, Russian Languages, and Literatures 
  • Sociology 
  • 妇女、性别和性研究 

Dean: Curtis Bennett 
Location: HSCI-160 

The 自然科学与数学学院 is a national leader in integrating student research experiences with education. Their faculty’s cutting-edge research informs instruction and inquiry-based labs, 发展对科学方法的理解, 并导致学生优秀. The college seeks to educate and mentor the next diverse generation of scientists and mathematicians. It also aims to establish a science-literate citizenry through inclusive teaching and research incorporated into its bachelor, master, 以及证书课程. 


  • 生物科学 
  • 化学与生物化学 
  • 环境科学与政策 
  • 地质科学 
  • 数学与统计学 
  • 物理学与天文学 
  • 科学教育 

Dean: Chris Swarat 
Location: FND-104 

The 职业和继续教育学院 offers a diverse range of degrees, 专业发展证书, and international education opportunities to enrich the lives of CSULB students. 与校园紧密合作, business, community, 以及国际合作伙伴, CPaCE serves California’s workforce and economy by offering new and innovative pathways for students to achieve success. 


  • Certifications  
  • 在线学士学位 
  • 在线硕士学位 
  • 个人浓缩 
  • 专业的名称 
  • 专业发展 
  • 大学信用 

Dean: Elizabeth Dill
Location: LIB-402 

The 大学图书馆 支持CSULB的选择教育使命, organizing, preserving, and disseminating recorded knowledge in all its formats and manifestations. The library supports the instructional and research needs of the campus community through its breadth and depth of collections, exceptional library faculty and staff-led services, 以及空间的创新使用. The library is a leader in the delivery of digital content and in marshaling technology to facilitate scholarly inquiry.